Today has been quite the sh*tstorm for Donald Trump.

Not only has he been criticized and mocked around the clock for his disgusting attack on the FBI, but it has failed to distract America from his scandals like he’d hoped. Unfortunately for Trump, no one has forgotten that Trump’s Russia scandal still needs to be dealt with, or the fact that Trump recently got called out for having an affair with an adult film star shortly after getting married to First Lady Melania Trump.

The latter scandal came back to bite Trump in the ass earlier today, as Trump left the White House. As cameras rolled and reporters tried to get answers from the president, one reporter insisted on getting Trump to say something about porn star Stormy Daniels, who has been making waves for her tell-all interviews about her time with Trump. As Trump walked across the South Lawn to Marine One, the Washington Examiner’s Steve Nelson could be heard on camera shouting over the other reporters, “Did you have sex with a porn star?” at Trump. Twice. And of course, Trump’s response gave it all away.

While Trump sometimes pauses to answer the questions of reporters, today he refused to stop and give a response. By now, we all know that Trump is guilty when he dances around or straight-up avoids answering the media. We’ve seen him do this time and time again during his presidency, only to find out it was because he was trying to hide something.

This moment was picked up by Steven Herman, the White House Bureau Chief for Voice of America, and you can watch Trump flee below. Nelson’s question comes up in the beginning:


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