As special counsel Robert Mueller intensifies his probe into the Trump campaign’s possible collusion with Russia as well as obstruction of justice by the president, the House Intelligence Committee, led by Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA), blatantly sought to protect Trump by launching its own partisan investigation. As expected, they found ‘no collusion” or wrong-doing in the president’s part, even as they ignored a staggering number of witnesses. Instead, they accused the FBI of trying to frame Trump.

But Nune’s stunt didn’t deter Robert Mueller from pursuing justice and his work on behalf of the American people continues to threaten – and scare – President Trump.

Moreover, Nunes’ inept “investigation” has finally wrought consequences. The top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, Adam Schiff (D-CA), has sent a letter to Nunes asking him to share witness transcripts to Mueller’s team, suggesting that “certain witnesses” may have lied to the House Intel Committee during their testimonies.

The letter is bad news for Nunes and those who may have misled the Committee. If witnesses are found to have lied, they will face perjury charges. And given the frequency with which the Trump administration’s stories have changed over the course of a few months, it is not only possible but wholly likely that such charges could be filed.

You can read the letter below:


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