Donald Trump’s well-worn feud with CNN received a fresh wash of pettiness as the president took to twitter — because of course he did — to claim that his personal favorite Fox News is more “important” than CNN.

If Trump’s favoritism of Fox News was supposed to have been a secret, he has done a damn poor job keep it close to the proverbial vest. Until we have an actual state-run cable news channel, Fox News will do in a pinch. Sure, Trump and company will make monthly rounds to 60 Minutes or some such, but multiple administration figureheads can be seen on Fox & Friends on an almost daily basis.

It’s also worth mentioning that Donald Trump is dead wrong in this case. Rupert Murdoch is pretty deeply hated in the country he has most enjoyed tinkering with: the United Kingdom. His media brands are synonymous with right-wing bias and scandal, you know, kind of like Fox News?

But Trump, like Murdoch, doesn’t care what is true. He only cares what he can make people believe. For its part, CNN reminded the president that they aren’t in the business of representing Americans.

Bless the hearts of everybody at CNN for thinking they can explain the finer points of being president to a man who prefers to spend most waking hours on twitter.


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