Since before Donald Trump became President, it seems controversy and anger have followed just about every move he has made. Whether it’s attacking Hillary Clinton before, during, and after the election, locking up children after separating them from their families at the Southern border, or insulting and degrading some of our closest allies, such as Justin Trudeau of Canada, Trump is having a hard time making and maintaining friends, which is why he (hopefully) won’t be around much longer.

Most recently, Trump has come under fire for something that he may be indirectly involved. The shooting on Thursday in Annapolis, Maryland, at the Capital Gazette newspaper has many wondering if Trump’s divisive remarks and out-and-out hatred for the media contributed in any way to the actions of the gunman.

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In typical Trump fashion, his response seemed very callous and insincere. Trump had this to say about the tragedy:

Although Trump manages to send thoughts and prayers, many think that’s just not enough. One Twitter user had this to say in response:

n times like these, the people of our country need great leadership, not empty platitudes that don’t ring true. And although we can wish that that leadership would come from within, sometimes hope comes from outside.

This week, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, took to Twitter to offer up his condolences. And regardless of the fact that he is not American, his response to this senseless tragedy seemed much more heartfelt and reassuring than Trump bland message.

Not only did Justin offer his sincerest condolences, he also managed to touch on the importance and the dangers of being a journalist. He, unlike Donald Trump, understands that the media is not the enemy of the state, but is in fact the protector of the people from tyrants and dictators.

It didn’t take long for people to recognize Trudeau’s comments and show their love in return:

How do you feel about Justin’s message?

Do you think we need someone like him in charge instead the destructive imbecile we have now?


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