The Republican party is full of weak-willed sycophants who will do anything they can to not upset their beloved orange overlord, Donald Trump. With the utmost regularity, these members of the GOP will put values and morals aside to publicly support this Commander-In-Tweets. And, frankly, the American people are sick of it.

One of the most trusted anti-Trump voices out right now, is political analyst Ana Navarro. This week, Navarro didn’t hold back when discussing the lack of courage portrayed by the majority of the GOP – especially when it comes to Trump.

@NewDay tweeted a message about an interview with Navarro. In which, they wrote, “”A dictator is a dictator is a dictator.” @ananavarro slams what she calls “tribal partisanship” on the part of the GOP over Trump’s meeting with North Korea without preconditions: “When my guy does it, it’s OK, when the other guy does it, it’s terrible.”

Navarro replied to that tweet with a powerful message of her own.

She wrote, “I wish Republicans who are NOT retiring showed some courage and remembered they are independent to and co-equal to the President and his Administration. Doing it a few months before retirement….meh.”

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