Kim Jong Un has made it perfectly clear that he’s screwing with Trump. We all know it. Trump is just too oblivious or stubborn to admit it. Now that the two have met up in Singapore for their “historical” summit, it’s really going south for Trump.

At the very last minute Kim Jong Un announced he wasn’t staying very long. Just 7 hours after their meeting, he left Singapore.

That means any meaningful negotiations would not take place, leaving this meeting as a mere photo op. This is all Kim wanted all along and we all know he never intended to budge on his nuclear missile program policies. So once again Trump made America the laughingstock while standing there looking as foolish as we all knew he was.

Trump, of course, will declare victory, as he does not care for reality or anything factual so he can say this is a “win”, but the vast majority of the country will not fall for his nonsense.

After watching Trump look like a foolish zombie at the G7 summit, insulting Canada, France, Germany and the U.K, anyone on the fence about Trump should easily pick their side. If not, this idiotic mess at the North Korea summit that accomplished NOTHING should do it for them. Unfortunately for Trump, this is not going to distract from his criminal scandals for long, and really it’s only going to serve to further test people’s patience even further. Trump is losing more and more supporters by the day with this circus act that he likes to call a successful presidency.


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