British Prime Minister Theresa May was asked the question “Trudeau or Trump?” during a session of the House of Commons, one of the two houses of British parliament. The question was asked in seriousness, with the questioner likely meaning to ask which leader May stands with, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who stands with his European allies against Trump’s tariffs, or Trump, who behaved like an immature, thin-skinned bully before, during, and after last weekend’s G7 summit, calling Trudeau, among other things, “very dishonest & weak”. From that perspective, the question “Trudeau or Trump?” is purely rhetorical – the answer is Trudeau. It may be the obviousness of the answer that first caused the room to erupt in laughter, partly at Trump’s expense, but Prime Minister May then took it a step further.

Smiling and laughing along with the others, May stepped forward to joke, “I’m not sure what activity he’s asking me to undertake with either, respectfully”, which was also met with laughter. Then one member joked “kiss, marry?” and another member commented that the question hadn’t actually contained a verb, so it was hard to tell what the question meant for sure. According to The Hill:

The U.K.’s House of Commons burst into laughter on Monday after Conservative MP Crispin Blunt asked Prime Minister Theresa May to choose between President Trump and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, asking: “Trudeau or Trump?” “I’m not sure what activity he’s asking me to undertake with either,” May said amid laughter. Another member of parliament can be heard in a video of the exchange, yelling, “kiss, marry?” “Moreover if one was being really pedantic, one would have to say that the honorable gentleman’s question did not contain a main verb,” House of Commons Speaker John Bercow chimed in.

Parliamentary correspondent Dan O’Donoghue tweeted this video of the laughing exchange:

President Trump is indeed a laughing stock in many places in the world, and rightfully so. Trump keeps behaving like a pouting child with a fragile ego, a lack of self awareness, an unwillingness to consider other people’s perspectives, and an enormous amount of anger and selfishness.

Turning back to a more serious version of how Prime Minister May views Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, on Monday, according to The Hill, May said, “I want to pay a particular tribute to Prime Minister Trudeau for his leadership and skillful chairing (of the G7 summit), which enabled us after two days of negotiation between leaders to agree (to) actions and a shared approach on some of the most pressing challenges facing the international community and our citizens.” One hardly imagines May to have similar thoughts about President Trump.


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