After a whirlwind trip to England, a trip where he insulted and undermined the Prime Minister, disrespected The Queen, and faced 250,000 protestors, the President Trump landed in Scotland Friday evening. He may have left England, but the British tabloids were not quite done with him.

The covers of the tabloids The Sun and Daily Mirror both ripped into the president. On Thursday, The Sun published an exclusive interview with the president. The interview was published while Trump was enjoying dinner with Prime Minister Theresa May.

In that interview, the president railed against May and her “soft” approach to Brexit. He threatened that the United Kingdom might not get a trade deal with the United States all while praising May’s political adversary.

The day after the interview was published, the president and May appeared together in an attempt to display unity despite the previous day’s disrespect. After an embarrassing news conference with May, the president and first lady went to Windsor castle for tea with The Queen. They arrived late, leaving the 92-year-old monarch waiting outside. Trump then snubbed The Queen when he walked in front of her as they inspected her honor guard.

The British tabloids did not hold back in addressing the president’s dismal performance in the UK. Ruper Murdoch’s The Sun, which published the exclusive interview with Trump Thursday, headlined Saturday’s issue “FAKE SCHMOOZE.”

The Sun

The Daily Mirror was unrestrained in its criticism of President Trump. The front page reads, “HOW DARE YOU…” The sub-heading reads, “You insult our country, attack our NHS, embarrass our Queen, undermine our ‘special relationship’, humiliate our PM… and then smugly pose in Winston Churchill’s armchair.”


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