Democratic lawmakers have taken a stand against President Trump‘s recent decision to halt the release of a memo countering a GOP surveillance document, calling on Trump to #ReleaseTheMemo.

Democrats flooded to social media this past Friday, making use of the same rallying cry used by Trump supporters and Republican lawmakers to secure the release of the initial GOP memo earlier this month.

Many Republicans demanded the release of the GOP memo earlier this month that alleges the use of improper surveillance to spy on former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page. Trump has personally referenced that memo by declaring it “totally vindicates” him in the Russia probe.

The GOP memo, constructed by staff for House Intelligence Committee chairman Devin Nunes, was declassified by Trump last week and published, despite objections from the FBI and Justice Department.

The Intelligence Committee voted earlier this week to unveil the Democratic response to the memo, which Trump halted on Friday, leading a number of Democrats and some Republicans to lash out against the hypocritical move.

The White House announced that Trump “is inclined to declassify” the Democratic memo however the administration believes it would create “significant concerns” for “national security and law enforcement interests.”

Representative Adam Schiff, the top ranking Democrat on the Intelligence panel who wrote the counter-memo, claimed Friday that he would review redactions for the memo put forward by the FBI and DOJ.

Many are insinuating that Donald Trump is hiding something from the public, as an innocent man would not halt the release of a simple counter memo.

Do YOU stand with these brave Democrats?


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