In what is turning out to be a self-fulfilling prophecy, Democrats who have been running in special elections during what is being labeled a “Blue Wave” after the election of Donald Trump and a series of spectacular Republican failures in 2017 can’t seem to lose.

The latest victory comes in a state that many seem to forget is part of the Deep South — Florida — and which is anything but reliable for Democrats. Ever since the infamous voter purge carried out by Katherine Harris, the Secretary of State in 2000, on behalf of George W. Bush to seal up the election in a sarcophagus of hanging chads and butterfly ballots, Democrats have had to battle for every single vote in the Sunshine State.

After the 2016 election, it was easy to feel the despair of having lost what seemed like a no-brainer election, and when the loudest voices after that election seemed to be pro-Trump at first, that despair turned to fear for many. Were we losing our sense of what it is to be American? After all, Trump and his brand of autocratic rule are tantamount to the reason the colonists fled England to begin with: We don’t have a king and we never will, but Trump clearly wants to be one.

Thankfully, in district after district, voters are proving that the despair did not take hold of them. Even in deep red Trump districts, like Florida’s 72nd, where Margaret Good snatched victory away from James Buchanan, a real estate investor after Trump’s own heart. The pivotal State House district win was notable not just because Good took a Trump area and swung it six points in the opposite direction — it’s the fact that she ran on expressly liberal causes: public schools, environmental conservation, and health care rights for everyone.

Margaret Good, the new State Rep for Florida’s 72nd District

Sometimes the win is about more than the candidate, and that’s what other candidates heading into the 2018 midterms would do well to remember — sometimes it’s all about the cause.


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