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There are reasons Donald Trump won’t fulfill his campaign promise and release his taxes, and we just might find out what he’s hiding. According to a report by the Wall Street Journal, investigators that are targeting Trump’s financial and business history seem to have found a way around the White House’s blocking of congressional subpoenas by obtaining approximately a metric fuckton of documents from a list of bankers.

The six banks that just gave Congress thousands of documents related to Russians with possible ties to Trump include Deutsche Bank, JP Morgan Chase, Morgan Stanley, Bank of America, Capital One, and Wells Fargo.

New York’s attorney general, Letitia James, was previously targeted by Crooked Donald in a series of tweets after she began digging into his dubious financial ties, and now we know why. She has reportedly gotten information about loans to the Trump Organization that could be damning to the ‘president.’

Trump, of course, previously sued to block subpoenas issued to two of his lenders; Deutsche Bank and Capital One. The subpoenas that Trump tried to block targeted information on the financial history of Trump and that of his immediate family, as well as some of his closely held business entities.

Business Insider reports:

“Investigators for the House Financial Services Committee and the House Intelligence Committee are reportedly working on a joint probe into whether there was potential foreign influence on Trump and his family.”

Trump’s ties to Deutsche Bank have always seemed shady but now there is potential documentation to back that up. And for sure, big banks are not going to cover for this ‘president’ as they flail about trying to stay out of public scrutiny. In just over two decades, Trump has reportedly received around $2 billion in loans from Deutsche Bank. The German bank was one of the only lenders left willing to loan to the former reality show star.

Deutsche Bank has turned over emails, loan agreements, and other documents related to the Trump Organization to James’s office, in response to a civil subpoena sent earlier this year.

We’re not just talking about a few pages being handed over, but thousands of pages of documents related to Russians who may have had dealings with Trump, his family or his business.

Everything will come out in the wash and perhaps this is the reason Trump half-jokingly, and sometimes seemingly seriously, has tried to imply that he will remain in office for more than two terms. Because once he leaves office, AG James may have some tiny handcuffs ready for the alleged billionaire.

Here comes a Twitter-tantrum in 3… 2…


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