Donald Trump made a rather stunning claim during a speech at the Economic Club of New York crediting his daughter Ivanka Trump for creating 14 million jobs.

Trump is known for his hyperbolic rhetorical flourish, but even then 14 million jobs is a REALLY HUGE number, and it is unclear what research he is sourcing here.

“And when she started this, two and half years ago, her goal was 500,000 Jobs,” Trump said — White House’s “Pledge to America’s Workers.”

He added, “She has now created 14 million Jobs and they are being trained by these great companies, the greatest companies in the world because the government cannot train them. It’s a great thing.”

Twitter had a predictable response to this seemingly remarkable claim, which is just shock that Trump would lie so brazenly.

CNN has completely fact-checked Trump’s claims that Ivanka created millions of job and determined it was not true.



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