Over the summer we found out that Donald Trump Jr. had met with Russians during the presidential campaign at Trump Tower. The media reported that Trump wrote his son’s public response to the breaking news, but Trump has gone on to insist that this is not the case.

Fast forward to January on this year and it has now been learned that Trump sent Special Counsel Robert Mueller a memo, which includes an admission that Trump has in fact dictated the public response in the aftermath of the Trump Tower meeting. In doing so, the president has likely obstructed justice in the view of many legal scholars, but that call will ultimately be left up to the legal system.

However, there’s another story attached to the news that Trump sent the memo to Robert Mueller in January and it’s been missed by almost everyone, but it doesn’t look good for Hope Hicks.

Mark Corallo, Trump’s legal spokesman, was present when Trump was plotting with the staff on the best way to dictate the public response about his son’s Trump Tower meeting with the Russians. Corallo was clearly bothered enough by the plot that he resigned.

Corallo then went on to testify to Mueller that he heard Hope Hicks telling Trump she would make sure Trump Jr.’s emails would never get out. Everyone allegedly involved has denied it, but if that did in fact happen, Hope Hicks committed a felony.

The only saving grace for Hope Hicks to this point has been that Trump and his team have vehemently denied the account that Corallo gave of the things he allegedly witnessed, but their denial just lost credibility thanks to Trump’s admission in the memo to Mueller.

Trump admitted in the memo he sent to Mueller that he did in fact dictate Trump Jr’s public response, which corroborates Corallo’s story from months ago that Trump and his team denied all along Therefore, Carollo’s claim about what Hope Hicks allegedly said about concealing Trump Jr.’s emails just gained mountains of credibility. Essentially, Donald Trump has just thrown Hope Hicks back into the fire and it could turn out very bad for her.

Trump may have thought he was protecting himself by sending the memo to Robert Mueller, but all he actually did was admit to what looks like obstruction of justice, as well as put Hope Hicks in legal jeopardy if it’s determined that she helped obstruct justice by concealing evidence. Not to mention, we wouldn’t be surprised to see Hope Hicks cut a deal now that she’s in a very bad spot in Mueller’s investigation.


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