Brian Mulroney, a conservative, served as the leader of the U.S.’s northern neighbor for almost a decade, including all of Bush’s term.

The former Prime Minister laid out Bush’s many accomplishments, including moves he made that were unpopular with some parts of his own party.

“There’s a word for this, it’s called leadership,” Mulroney said. “Leadership.”

He also praised Bush for NAFTA, which said pointedly was “recently modernized and improved” by “recent administrations,” emphasizing that Trump’s trade agreement is just an updated NAFTA.

Mulroney then appeared to throw subtle but brutal shade at President Donald Trump, who is in attendance at the funeral, by contrasting the way the United States was perceived by foreign leaders like himself during his presidency.

“Let me tell you, when George Bush was president of the United States of America, every single head of government in the world knew they were dealing with a gentleman, a genuine leader, one who was distinguished, resolute and brave.”

Mulroney then told a story about one encounter with Bush that deepened his respect for the former leader as Trump sat looking on with a dour expression.

Watch the video below.


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