White House senior adviser Stephen Miller was confronted by angry protestors who called a fascist while dining at a Mexican restaurant in Washington, D.C. earlier this week, according to the New York Post.

Miller chose to dine at Espita Mezcaleria in the DC neighborhood of Shaw on Sunday, amid growing anger over the Trump administration separating migrant kids from their parents — a policy Miller had described as a “simple decision.” Well, he quickly regretted his decision to visit the restaurant.

The Post reports that patrons of the restaurant called out Miller — an immigration hard-liner — over the Trump administration’s “zero tolerance” policy that separates migrant families caught crossing the border illegally.

“Hey look guys, whoever thought we’d be in a restaurant with a real-life fascist begging [for] money for new cages?” one customer said to Miller, according to the Post.
Miller reportedly did not respond to the hecklers.

The incident occurred just a few days before activists similarly interrupted Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen’s dinner at a Mexican restaurant, resulting in her leaving the restaurant.

The group repeatedly yelled “shame” at Nielsen and “End Texas concentration camps.”

President Trump on Wednesday signed an executive order ending the policy. It was later reported, however, that there may not be a special effort from the Trump administration to reunite migrant families separated at the border.


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