February is American Heart Month, and First Lady Melania Trump posted about the importance of teaching children how to lead healthy lives and promote nutritional value. It’s a callback to Michelle Obama’s mission when she was First Lady, leading campaigns to get kids to eat healthier and exercise more — a mission that Trump and his administration are trying to dispose of.

Melania tweets:

“February is #AmericanHeartMonth. I encourage parents to take this opportunity to teach children about the importance of a healthy diet & exercise!”

Despite Melania’s efforts, people on Twitter were quick to her remind her that her husband, Donald, is the poster child for heart disease. Between his diet of McDonalds and KFC and his utterly sedentary lifestyle, he probably needs that lesson the most. Here are some of America’s remarks:

Prior to this post, Melania also tweeted about Black History Month and got a ton of backlash for that as well. It’s almost as though she’s trying to embody former First Lady Michelle Obama. The only problem is she’s married to an overweight racist, who continues to promote bigotry and hatred throughout his platform.


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