With the constant negativity spewing from the Trump administration, seeing the Obamas is always a breath of fresh air. Former first lady Michelle Obama, who never shied away from being seen with her loving husband in public, appeared on Ellen DeGeneres’ show for her first interview since leaving the White House.

During her appearance, she offered words of encouragement to Americans struggling to live through the Trump era. Michelle reminded everyone that “All we have is hope.”

Michelle went on to tell Ellen:

“The thing I learned in the eight years that I was in the White House is that what we do every day in our lives, the good things that we do every day — and we know we do it: we show empathy, we care for each other, you know, we do have a lot in common. That’s what it means to lead with hope and not fear.”

The former first lady then advised Americans “to do the things we do every day: to love each other, to take care of each other, to show empathy — and you can’t do that only when people make you feel good or safe. We’ve got to do it all across the board.”

Watch the clip below:


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