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Barack Obama has been hosting secret meetings with potential 2020 Democratic presidential candidates, in a newly revealed plan to ensure that Trump does not serve a second term.

Obama has met in person with at least nine candidates in his D.C. office over the last few months, including former Vice President Biden, Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren and former Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick.

Obama’s office has so far declined to comment on the secretive matter.

“The president was generous with his time and advice, and he was excited to talk about the future,” one source familar to the meetings explained to Politico.

Sanders had reportedly asked for a meeting with Obama, which took place back in March. The two men sat down to talk about the future of the Democratic Party. Politico reports that the pair did not specifically discuss Sanders running in 2020.

Obama has been relatively quiet in the months following his exit from office. However, he did hit the campaign trail for several Democratic candidates last year and plans to headline his first Democratic National Committee fundraiser of the year later this month.


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