Madeline Albright was the top diplomat in the land under President Bill Clinton. Her wealth of knowledge, experience, and understand allow to maintain a commanding authority on national and international relations.

She sat down with David Axelrod recently, and explained to America exactly why Trump has done more to hurt our national security than help it – and in the process has done more the embolden the numbers and spirit of ISIS. Albright believes that Trump’s rhetoric and actions are not just dangerous, but also “un-American and anti-American.” Perhaps even more troubling is her belief that Trump’s tough talk and reckless policies (including the clear lack of organization and coordination in implementing those policies) are detrimental to the fight against ISIS.

“Frankly, it’s a great recruiting tool for ISIS.”

Much of the danger she believes he has put in America’s path is the result of an anti-immigration agenda that targets citizens of nations that we absolutely must partner with, including Iraq. Albright points out that the ban puts up a metaphorical wall that causes “disincentive to cooperate,” and makes the delicate and complicated process of gathering intelligence much more difficult.

The former Secretary of State also blasted Trump’s nationalist agenda, citing the dangers of “America First” talk.

“Our way of life is totally dependent on having partners in other countries. By saying that we’re going to pull up the drawbridge and be hostile towards those that are different … has been very shortsighted. And we will suffer, our economy will suffer, our capability of competing in a number of different ways, and of being leaders.”

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