Earlier this week evangelist Franklin Graham declared that Pete Buttigieg will face eternal damnation if he doesn’t repent from his “flaunting homosexuality.”

That condemnation came days after Graham criticized Christian activists for “rudely” accosting Buttigieg at Iowa campaign stops. His Facebook post concluded with a citation of the bible verse that calls for executing homosexuals.

Last year Graham shrugged off Donald Trump’s multiple adulterous affairs, telling the Associated Press, “This thing with Stormy Daniels and so forth is nobody’s business.”

And now today Graham is wishing happy birthday to Melania Trump, “the classiest first lady our country has even known.”

You can be very sure that if Michelle Obama had ever appeared nude in lesbian porn shoots, Graham would have been standing outside the White House day and night with a flaming pitchfork.

And Twitter quickly called him out:


What the heck is wrong with this man?


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