President Donald Trump made a quick stop in Hawaii at the beginning of his first presidential trip to Asia. The Aloha State wasn’t very welcoming.

Hawaii is the birthplace of former president Barack Obama. During Obama’s presidency, Trump began the Birther Movement, leading many people to prove that Obama was not born in Hawaii, but Kenya instead.

Barack Obama eventually released his long form birth certificate, proving he was born in Hawaii. Yet Trump continued to lead conspiracy theorists and “even challenged the authenticity of Hawaiian birth records and the integrity of Hawaiian officials”.

Hawaiians haven’t forgotten Trump’s misdeeds. A digitally modified postcard went viral on social media in the days before President Trump’s visit. The image shows a beautiful view of Waikiki Beach with the words “Wish You Weren’t Here” at the top.

A scoreboard-type sign is also shown, listing the score as Hawaii 3 and Trump zero. The score of course alludes to how many times Hawaiian courts have overturned Trump’s proposed travel bans.

The state is run almost entirely by Democrats. When asked about Trump’s scheduled visit, one resident, Jon Osorio, a professor of Hawaiian studies at the University of Hawaii, stated, ““He’s bound to say something foolish on nuclear weapons, or North Korea, or race or native Hawaiians or the large number of Asian people who live here”.

Another professor, Gaye Chan, who also started an anti-Trump coalition, stated, “Most of what his administration is doing just feels so wrong to us. He’s harming the environment, he’s harming LGBTQ people, he’s insulting races and ethnicities for us in a state where the majority of us are not white

Even President Trump, with all his blathering about “fake news”, should be able to read the writing on the wall. The Aloha Spirit doesn’t get extended to racist, misogynistic, LGBTQ-hating visitors, regardless of position.


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