A fresh Trump tell-all will soon be hitting bookstores (or whatever online retailer giant you prefer). This book will serve up the salacious details of the inside dealings of the Trump family before and after the election. An excerpt from Born Trump: Inside America’s First Family has already been published in Vanity Fair, the alma mater of author Emily Jane Fox where she made her bones as a staff writer.

Fox writes, for instance, that none of the older Trump children really expected their father to win the election; they also thought sooner than later, they’d be back to hocking his latest business deal or resuscitating a fashion line which was left out to dry during the campaign season. Eric and Donald Jr. were looking forward to the opening of a Trump Hotel in D.C.; Ivanka submitted the manuscript for her book Women Who Work to her publisher. The publisher reportedly advised her to breathe life into the book (“to make her seem like she had a pulse,” one source close to the issue said).

Melania, Ivanka and Donald Trump

However, after Donald Trump surprised the entire world by winning the election (arguably the greatest political upset in American history), the Trump kids shelved their other plans. One of the first tasks awaiting the Trump clan was planning for the inauguration. Melania, who’s recently all but disappeared from public life, was reluctant to engage in the spectacle of a grand parade down Pennsylvania Avenue. Ivanka, Trump’s first and favorite daughter, couldn’t wait to have her “princess moment.”

“I told her it’s an inauguration, not a coronation,” one of Ivanka’s friends told her. “The sentiment was that Americans wanted a royal family.”

“The Trumps have somewhat fancied themselves as a modern version of the Kennedys,” Fox writes in Born Trump, “but the inauguration brought to mind the dynamic of another sort of American first family: the Kardashians. The Trump kids had become famous, in some ways, simply for being famous—a preternatural and occasionally nauseating talent that they learned from their father.”

When Melania Trump opened the White House residence to all of her husband’s children for the weekend following the inauguration, the president’s elder daughter put in a request to stay in the Lincoln Bedroom. (Permission granted.)

For a kid who had her name trademarked at age 15 by her mother, it’s no surprise that Ivanka tended toward political pretense. After all, Fox suggests, it’s a hereditary trait.


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