Forgive this, but are you f…ing kidding me?

Ivanka Trump, who has never sacrificed a thing in her life, earning an estimated $80 million last year, based upon half her genome and proximity to power, wants you to know she gave up her life for you, the American people.

The New York Times reports:

“I gave up my life to move to Washington to try to help Americans, and I’m proud of what we’ve been able to accomplish.”

I ask again, are you ffff … just never mind.

Jesus Christ throwing chairs and tables at Davos, this woman is more impressed with herself than the rest of the world (including Dad) is impressed with her, combined.

I could write a dissertation on all that’s wrong with Ivanka having a White House position, attending Davos on the government dime, with her believing she’s qualified to discuss anything, or actively engage in any policy position, but I wouldn’t come up with anything that you either don’t already know, or recognize as obvious the moment you read it.

Therefore, we’ll just leave it at this: The only thing Ivanka has given up in her life is her conscience, her empathy, and all but about 50 dangling IQ points.


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