If Former First Lady Michelle Obama had unfortunately needed a surgery, do you think Donald Trump would care? We severely doubt it. In fact, if Donald had heard such a horrendous hypothetical, we’d bet a small part of his dark soul would be giddy by the terrible news. But that’s the kind of racist, sadistic bastard we’re dealing with. He doesn’t deserve any compassion from anyone. But that’s not going to stop top Democrats from showcasing their ultimate humanity with heartfelt get well messages to Melania Trump, following her major surgery. Hell, has Donald even said anything to her?!

This week, amongst the various lawmakers offering up their compassionate messages to the First Lady, was former Vice President Joe Biden. Biden hopped on his official Twitter, and wrote, “On behalf of the whole Biden family, I’d like to offer our thoughts and best wishes to @FLOTUS for a swift and full recovery.”

Short and simple. There’s really nothing much more to say other than that. And the sheer notion that he would even go so far as to publicly do this, speaks volumes of Joe Biden’s amazing character. But, again, had the tables been turned, would Donald offer up such a sentiment? No f**king way!

We applaud and echo the heartfelt message Joe Biden delivered to Melania Trump and the masses. It’s just another reminder of how much we HOPE he runs in 2020. That would be a dream come true. But do YOU think that’ll ever happen?

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