Kim Jong Un has brought his own toilet with him to his Singapore summit with President Trump. That seems bizarre no matter how you interpret it, but the real reason he did this is even more bizarre than you might imagine. It’s not for comfort, or a germophobic interest in avoiding toilets other people use, it’s so intelligence agencies will not be able to examine his stool. One might say that this is bringing paranoia to a whole new level. And apparently this is not the first time that Kim has brought his own toilet with him for this same reason.

A South Korean newspaper reported that Kim Jong Un was bringing a “portable toilet that will deny determined sewer divers insights into to the supreme leader’s stools.” Apparently Kim Jong Un and his aides are concerned that while he is in Singapore for the summit some intelligence agency may want to glean health information from examining the stool. This brings us to an indelicate question. If Kim’s team believes that intelligence agencies are so set on examining Kim’s stool that they would dive in the sewers, how are they disposing of his stool from the portable toilet? Are they bringing it back with them to North Korea to avoid anyone’s unauthorized access to it?

According to The Hill:

The portable toilet was among a number of items that Kim packed for the historic meeting as part of a tightly planned visit, according to The Chosunilbo, one of South Korea’s largest circulated newspapers. The newspaper noted that North Korea dispatched an IL-76 transport plane that carried things such as food and a bullet-proof limousine, as well as a “portable toilet that will deny determined sewer divers insights into to the supreme leader’s stools.” USA Today noted that the move appeared to be an attempt to preclude intelligence agencies from gleaning information on Kim’s health. The North Korean leader has dispatched portable toilets before when traveling to inspect military bases and state-run factories, and reportedly brought one to the border village of Panmunjom for his meeting with South Korean President Moon Jae-in in April.

Of course President Trump is also well-known for his paranoia – he has stated many times that he believes that the FBI, the Department of Justice, Democrats, and even some of his own staffers are conspiring against him. He also has said he likes McDonald’s food in part because it is prepared in advance, without the preparer knowing it is for him, so he is more assured that no one has tampered with his food. That is pretty paranoid, but Trump has not to our knowledge so far extended that paranoia to his toilet habits, unlike Kim. Still, though, paranoia is something Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un most certainly have in common.


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