After eight years of witnessing countless adorable displays of affection during the Obama administration, the current first couple looks absolutely despondent in comparison.

But the Trumps are not the Obamas, which is pretty much obvious daily.

The Trumps themselves have depicted their marriage as shallow as the sand traps at Mar-a-lago.

According to the New York Times, in 2005, the newlywed Melania Trump addressed a business class at New York University.

Why, we have no idea.

A student asked the supermodel if she would still be with Donald Trump if he was not rich.

“If I weren’t beautiful, do you think he’d be with me?” she quipped.

This candid response from the FLOTUS illustrates a marriage as lackluster as any failed Trump business venture. Donald is rich. Melania is beautiful. And so, they are married.

But wait a minute, according to a New York Magazine article from 2010, Melania once said that Donald Trump is the sexiest man in the world.


Melania was speaking to the Intelligencer and gave some quick answers to questions we didn’t really want to know.

For example, did you know Melania is also a huge fan of Diet Coke? Although she only drinks it out of glass bottles.

She also thinks paying $200 is too much to pay for a haircut, and sometimes her and Barron (pre-White House days) would give money to panhandlers.

And then these questions were asked:

Who is your favorite New Yorker?

Her answer… DONALD TRUMP.

Then she was asked, “What do you think of Donald Trump”?

Her answer… ”He’s the sexiest man int he world!”

Perhaps she wasn’t privy to his multiple affairs at this point???


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