Donald Trump kicks off his 2020 reelection bid in Orlando, Florida, on Tuesday, launching a campaign that’s never really ended.

In promoting Tuesday’s festivities at and around the Amway Center, aides indicated that the president’s campaign has never really stopped. They told ABC News that this rally in a critical swing state is meant to add to momentum.

“He can’t win the White House without Florida, and we’re going to step up big time to make sure he gets it,” Joe Gruters, chairman of the state Republican Party, said.

Vice President Mike Pence took the stage prior to the president and said, “We’re here for one reason and one reason only. America needs four more years of President Donald Trump.”

The crowd began chanting, “Four more years!”

“It’s on everybody,” Pence said. “Time for round two.”

While the vice president didn’t name any of the 2020 Democrats running for president, Pence looked to define the Democratic opposition as far left radicals who want “more taxes, more regulation, and less freedom.”

“Today, Democrats openly advocate socialism. An economic system that has impoverished millions of people around the world and stole the liberty of generations,” Pence said.

“The choice in this election will not just be a choice between two candidates, but a choice between two futures,” he added.

Then Melania came out, and said how proud she was of her husband, his administration, and their family has done for the people of the United States.



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