Well, Stormy Daniels and her lawyer Michael Avenatti certainly aren’t going anywhere as Trump’s presidency has officially reduced itself to a court case. President Obama never needed to hire a lawyer to represent him in a case that affected the integrity of his presidency, let alone an entire legal team.

Michael Avenatti, who has been working tirelessly to void Daniels’ shaky nondisclosure agreement with Trump, just appeared on Twitter with an intriguing bit of news.

According to Avenatti, the president’s voice appears on the Cohen tapes. He wrote, “I know for a fact that at least one, & likely many, of the #TrumpTapes contain Mr. Trump’s voice. I know this from the work that we have done and through the assistance of true patriots.”

He challenged, “If I am wrong, Mr. Cohen and his atty should prove it. They can’t and won’t. #ReleaseTheTapes”

Check out the full tweet below:

In a conversation with CNN’s Jake Tapper, Avenatti stated, “I know for a fact that one or more of these conversations do describe things that are inappropriate.”

“Our understanding is there are countless hours of recordings of conversations between Michael Cohen and others,” Avenatti added. “The conversations include conversations with Mr. Trump.”

If Avenatti is correct, the footage could make the infamous “Access Hollywood” tape look like child’s play.

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