Donald Trump isn’t well liked these days and he can’t seem to find anyone outside of his shrinking base willing to at the very least tolerate him. That fact is no exception for the people of Minnesota, specifically Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey who wouldn’t be happy if the bombastic billionaire attended the Super Bowl. Frey, who has spoken his mind in the past about his disdain for Trump, rolled his eyes when asked the question. He said:

Oh man, I mean look, I’m no fan of President Trump. That’s all I’ll say.

Watch video here:

Frey is a staunch defender of inclusiveness in the city, criticizing Trump for going on the attack against immigrants.

He said:

I’m proud to support our new American communities here in Minneapolis. Ours is a nation built on the dreams and hard work of immigrants from across the world. That proud tradition shouldn’t stop because Donald Trump is in office. Here in Minneapolis, we can do more than just resist this administration, we can be a beacon of inclusivity for the rest of the nation.

Here are some of his objectives to protect Minneapolis from Trump’s often draconian ideas:

Defend New Americans from Trump’s ICE. The mayor has direct control over the police department. Because of our separation ordinance, I am hopeful that we will be able to thwart Trump in his mission to destroy our New American communities without losing federal funds, but, even if we do lose federal money, I will not give an inch. I am willing to compromise on many things as mayor, but human rights, dignity, and safety will be non-negotiable for my administration.

While many Americans are in shock over Trump’s ascent to the presidency, many leaders from around the country are stepping up to the plate to say ‘no’ to Trump, protecting America and its long entrenched values of inclusion and fairness.


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