National security expert John Schindler, a former NSA analyst, warned on Thursday that President Donald Trump should fear for his life if he no longer serves as a valuable asset to the Russian government.

Writing for The Observer, Schindler warned that Russian President Vladimir Putin “can do worse” to Trump than the impeachment proceedings he might be facing after special counsel Robert Mueller closes his investigation

“There can be no doubt that the Trump Tower meeting, from Moscow’s viewpoint, was a clandestine intelligence operation,” Schindler wrote. “[I]n one tweet, President Donald Trump shattered his mantra of ‘NO COLLUSION’ that he yelled in so many tweets before.”

“However, Donald Trump’s real concern should not be with Robert Mueller and his veteran investigators, but with his amigo manqué in the Kremlin,” he continued. “Vladimir Putin no longer bothers to conceal his disappointment with President Trump.”

“The Kremlin’s ability to harm President Trump should not be underestimated. Given the president’s longstanding ties to dubious Russians, a matter he has treated with the greatest secrecy, there’s no doubt that Putin possesses kompromat on Trump, including some of a sordid variety, to be released as needed. If the Kremlin believes that Trump has no chance of helping Russia anymore, they will sacrifice him to create ever-greater chaos in America and the West. Keep in mind that [Russian agent] Natalya Veselnitskaya’s bombshell interview this spring was only possible with Kremlin permission.”

Schindler then warned that Putin could be looking to assassinate Trump if he no longer sees him as useful.

“President Trump has more than mere kompromat to worry about here,” he said. “Under Vladimir Putin, Russian intelligence has embarked on a global assassination spree of a kind not seen in the Kremlin since Stalin’s time… [L]ess than three years ago, Putin’s operatives murdered in the heart of our nation’s capital, just a mile from the White House.”

“That message was hard to miss,” he added. “Robert Mueller can open the door to Donald Trump’s impeachment and prosecution. Vladimir Putin can do worse and does not need to play by any legal rules.”


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