A New York Times report revealing Donald Trump‘s tax information from 1985 to 1994 that showed his businesses took a much bigger financial hit than previously known.

The nearly a decade of tax data revealed Trump’s business empire lost over $1.1 billion. He took such a financial hit, the Times reports, that his losses were among the most of any American taxpayers in 1985 to 1994.

While the report did not include information on the Trump tax returns requested by Democrats in Congress, it did add previously unknown context to the president’s financial history using copies of Trump’s tax transcripts from the IRS.

The Times‘ data revealed that in 198 the losses from Trump’s businesses, including hotels, real estate, casinos, and other storefronts, amounted to over $46 million from his core businesses — largely casinos, hotels and retail space in apartment buildings. Trump’s businesses stayed in the red for every year of on the tax transcripts until their losses added up to $1.17 billion.

Twitter is having a field day:


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