While Donald Trump is still gloating after the North Korea summit because dictator Kim Jong-Un gave him a few compliments, the truth of what is actually happening is being revealed. Trump refuses to believe that he’s been made to look like a fool, despite how obvious it is.

Many media outlets are reporting that while the full effects of the meeting between Trump and Kim remain to be seen, it certainly looks like Trump was played. Even international papers (like ones in Russia) are pointing out the obvious — Kim made momentous gains while sacrificing nothing. Meanwhile, Trump believes that Kim is his new best friend merely because Kim was smart enough to manipulate the fragile President of the United States with a few compliments.

The footage that is now coming out about the meeting between Kim and Trump in Singapore is certainly telling. This week, North Korea’s state news decided to air footage of Trump saluting Kim’s generals (and looking really, really stupid in the process). In the video, Trump is shown sharing a few of his infamously awkward handshakes with North Korean officials — but not before botching one on camera.

In the clip, Trump approaches a general and holds his hand out for a handshake. When the general gives the president a salute, Trump gets extremely confused and salutes back. It isn’t until the general extends his hand for a formal handshake that this awkward interaction ends. Kim is watching from just a few steps away, and you can almost see him smirking at how dumb Trump looks. Here’s the footage:

As more news trickles out about the summit, it’s likely to set a different tone than what Trump wants for his reputation. Be ready for meltdowns, because Trump is bound to be blindsided by Kim.


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