Rep. Adam Schiff of the House Intelligence Committee exposed Republicans this week for “secretly altering” the Nunes memo before handing it over to the White House. Schiff himself later compared the two versions side by side and noticed substantial differences. House Republicans abandoned protocol when they made the partisan decision to alter the memo behind Democrats’ backs.

Sen. Chuck Schumer blasted Republicans for having the gall to alter a document that allegedly contains dubious information. Top Dem Nancy Pelosi then followed up by calling for Devin Nunes’ immediate resignation. Pelosi called upon House Speaker Paul Ryan directly to do the firing.

How did Ryan respond? By accusing Democrats of “playing politics.”

Ryan stated at the Republican congressional retreat: “I think they’re just playing politics and I think they’re looking for a political distraction, is what I get out of that.”

The House Speaker then praised the Republican tax bill, saying that it’s working. He also stated that ISIS is “on the run,” and the country under Trump is doing well in general.

Ryan then addressed Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, saying, “I think they would love nothing more than to play politics and change the subject.”

Do you think Nunes should be removed from his post?


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