White House legislative director Marc Short is joining the exodus of those leaving the Trump administration* and plans to leave as soon as this summer, according to the Wall Street Journal. Sources told the Journal Short has complained to colleagues about the “diminishing returns” of pushing Trump’s legislative agenda through the Republican-led Congress. Short recently disagreed with Trump’s trade adviser Peter Navarro’s comments about Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and last year, and he said that DACA doesn’t need to be tied to funding for Trump’s dumb wall, so maybe he just wants to get the hell out of there before his career is ruined by being tied to a toxic administration* for the rest of his life.

The WSJ reports:

Mr. Short’s tenure has been marked by ups and downs, reflecting the Trump administration’s legislative record. The main legislative accomplishment so far has been the tax package that Republicans approved in December, although some inside the White House have argued that Mr. Cohn and his team deserved much of the credit. But the White House was unable to repeal the Affordable Care Act, has abandoned its push for an infrastructure spending package, and has been unable to find consensus within the Republican Party on an immigration overhaul.

Before Trump’s trip to Singapore, Short told White House Chief of Staff John Kelly that he will likely be leaving soon. When asked to comment, Mr. Short said, “There are so many leaks in this building.”

Short has been a visible figure in the administration*, frequently appearing on news shows to defend Trump’s legislative agenda. Short has worked with lawmakers on issues such as passing the GOP tax-scam bill in December, but that’s about all that the White House has been able to push through the Republican-controlled Congress.

Short joined the Trump administration on inauguration day, after working for Vice President Mike Pence during the presidential* campaign. Back in November, Short described his job with the Trump administration*. “I’m actually having fun, in a sick way,” he said at the time. And now, Short is planning to exit through that revolving door at the White House.

The leaks inside Trump’s White House are only a problem if you’ve got something to hide — and it seems Mr. Short might have been of that persuasion.


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