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Captured on video, for all the world to see, is President Trump pushing his wife out of the way. He can be heard telling her, softly at first then more forcefully, to “go sit down.” Then, he gives her a shove in the direction of where he wants her to sit. This is the video going viral – and one experts said it shows a level of abuse.

Prior to pushing her to the left of the stage, Melania Trump introduces her husband. Instead of kissing her cheek, hugging, or showing any display of affection, Trump awkwardly shakes his wife’s hand before pushing her away from the podium.


At first glance, this incident appears to be a single moment misunderstood but as the American people became ever more watchful of Trump’s move, especially after his sneaky pardoning of a convicted racist, they began to notice the way he treats his wife.

When giving a speech during the presidential campaign at Orlando-Melbourne International Airport, the crowd applauded Melania as she spoke. She smiled politely at the crowd, clearly enjoying the attention, but Trump walked behind her and touched her arm. Her response was immediate: the smile disappeared as she froze under his touch and glanced down.

According to body language expert, Susan Constantine, says Melania’s reaction shows she has negative feelings about her relationship and her body language is not typical of that in a healthy relationship.

Photos and other videos online have surfaced, capturing awkward embraces where Melania looks helpless, like a trapped animal.

Trump supporters say Melania simply doesn’t like PDA.

What do you think? Is Melania’s reaction to Trump signs of abuse or mere dislike of PDA?

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