Protesters are once again using the front of President Trump’s Washington, D.C. hotel as their canvas and treating those entering the hotel both to projected images and to audio recordings of immigrant children separated from their parents as a result of Trump’s policy. The images were projected last night. The audio is being played tonight.

Visual artist Robin Bell, who has projected words of protest on Trump’s hotel on several occasions (including, for example “EMOLUMENTS WELCOME” and “SH*THOLE”), did so again last night. Here is Bell’s tweet about last night’s projections, complete with video of the projections directly over the entrance to the hotel which scroll through “COMPLICIT”, “DEAR TRUMP DONOR”, “HAVE YOU HEARD THE CHILDREN CRYING ON THE BORDER?”, “ARE TAX BREAKS YOU GOT WORTH IT?”, and “YOU ARE COMPLICIT”.

Bell wrote “Tonight Donald Trump is attending for America First Action at the Trump Hotel. I teamed up with Not One Penny to project (a) message to shame the attendees and donors who are turning a blind eye to the self-inflicted humanitarian crisis on the border”. The America First Action conference is a two-day event, happening both last night and tonight and attended by Republican donors, with a required donation of $100,000 just to be in attendance. So the attendees are likely all to be in the group of rich people who most benefited from Trump’s tax plan, hence Bell’s “ARE THE TAX BREAKS YOU GOT WORTH IT?”. According to Politico:

Trump is expected to address America First Action’s leadership summit, according to the super PAC’s president, Brian Walsh. The president is slated to speak on the second night of the two-day conference, to be held June 18-19 at Trump International Hotel in Washington. Getting in won’t come cheap. Donors will need to pony up at least $100,000 to attend; VIP status will be at least $250,000.

Then tonight a Democratic protest group, American Bridge, is planning to be in front of Trump’s hotel playing audio of immigrant children separated from their parents that was released by ProPublica. Donald Trump will indeed also be in attendance tonight. According to The Hill:

A liberal super PAC demonstrated outside President Trump‘s hotel in Washington, D.C., on Tuesday, playing audio released by ProPublica of crying children inside detention facilities through a loudspeaker. American Bridge tweeted Tuesday that the activists were targeting attendees of a fundraiser for Republicans taking place at the Trump International Hotel in the capital. “Tonight, we make sure that @realDonaldTrump and his rich cronies hear the impact of his cruel, heartless policies,” the group tweeted. “As they enter the Trump Hotel in DC for a fundraiser, we’ll be outside playing the @ProPublica audio of migrant children being ripped apart from their families.”…ProPublica published the audio Monday, in which workers are heard attempting to gather information from children in Spanish as they cry out for family members. Through tears, the children repeatedly ask for their “mami” and “papa.” “Well we have an orchestra here, right? What we’re missing is a conductor,” one border patrol agent is heard joking through the children’s cries.

This is a creative form of protest on both counts, made to confront Trump, Trump supporters, and the clientele of Trump’s hotel. Speaking of the clientele of Trump’s hotel, this conference is yet another case where Trump’s business, in this case Trump International Hotel, is benefiting from President Trump’s office, which means Trump himself is also benefiting personally. Of course Trump is not supposed to be benefiting personally from his office – emoluments clause, anyone?


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