President Trump so enjoys lingering in an alternate reality where he believes he is the best example of everything, where he believes he can do no wrong, that the way to get on his good side, it seems, is to praise him in ways that also have little if anything to do with reality. Speaking at the GOP legislative agenda retreat in West Virginia, President Trump delved into his alternate reality and praised the boot licking Republicans allowing him to remain in that alternate reality in an epic fashion. But afterward, even Speaker of the House Paul Ryan could not keep the look on his face from expressing a stunned, “What in the world was that????” sentiment.

As shown in the video below from NowThis Politics, President Trump said “I love this guy” about Senator Orrin Hatch (R-UT). The reason Trump said he loves Hatch is because he claimed that Hatch “said once I’m the single greatest president in his lifetime. And he actually once said I’m the greatest president in the history of our country and I asked does that include Lincoln and Washington? He said ‘yes’….I said ‘I love this guy’.” Wow. First of all, who says these sorts of self-aggrandizing things about themselves in public? Only President Trump. Who says these things without at all realizing that they are ridiculous, that of course Trump after his first chaotic, scandal-ridden, bogged-down year is nowhere near Lincoln’s or Washington’s accomplishments? Only President Trump. Who thinks they are making themselves look better saying these things, instead of realizing that it actually makes them look worse, out of touch with reality, narcissistic, and self-obsessed? Only President Trump.

Apparently President Trump thinks he can remake America’s personality to match his own. President Trump never apologizes. So he says of America in his speech, “No longer are we making apologies for America. We don’t apologize anymore.” Of course “We don’t apologize anymore” is not a realistic viewpoint to take, either as a person or a country. The need to apologize comes after one perceives one’s own wrong-doing. A normal person can’t say in advance, would not say in advance, or believe in advance, that they will never make a mistake or a misjudgment that calls for an apology. Only a person who believes they can do no wrong, only a person like President Trump, thinks they can make the blanket statement that they don’t apologize. This statement from Trump means he lacks insight into his own behavior, into the choices he is making for America.

Then Trump went on to say that “Now we’ve fulfilled far more promises than we promised.” Trump does not exactly have a way with words. In the way stated by Trump, that isn’t logically possible. Trump probably means to say that he believes Republicans have done even more than they promised to do, which is untrue, but at least the logic of the statement would cohere.

Trump’s speech was further evidence of what happens when Trump is not confined to reading off of a teleprompter, the way he was during the State of the Union address. When Trump speaks off the cuff, he makes it all about him, about praising himself, about praising others only for praising him, boasting about accomplishments he hasn’t made, showing that he believes things that are demonstrably false.

After Trump got done speaking, Paul Ryan was shaking his hand. Ryan probably told Trump he had done a good job, but, as seen in the video above, the look in Ryan’s eyes was as if he had just watched a horror movie, or seen some spectacle that absolutely defied belief, as if Ryan wanted to ask Trump, “Are you alright?” in a way that suggested he knows that Trump is not alright.

As for Senator Orrin Hatch (R-UT), whose unrealistic praise President Trump said made him “love this guy”, well, that love will be short-lived. Hatch is retiring at the end of his current term. The most likely person to win Hatch’s senate seat is vocal Trump critic Mitt Romney, who most certainly will not be saying that Trump is the greatest president in anyone’s lifetime – worst president in anyone’s lifetime is more likely.


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