Based on the latest and greatest from Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation, it looks like Mike Pence is in a heap of trouble. For proof, you really don’t have to look any further than the Michael Flynn sentencing memo which was filed more than two weeks ago. Although a fair portion of it was redacted, the dirt on Trump’s transition team within it was not. This flew somewhat under the radar at the time, but it is significant because the head of the transition team was none other than Mike Pence.

If its significance wasn’t clear then, just fast forward two weeks (and try to follow along), and I promise it will become much clearer.

On Monday, Bijan Kian, Michael Flynn’s business partner, was arrested as a result of Flynn’s cooperation deal. Together, Flynn and Kian reportedly took a half-million dollar payment from a Turkish government representative in exchange for targeting a Pennsylvania man by the name of Fethulla Gulen. Given the duration of Flynn’s cooperation, it goes without saying he must have given Kian up more than a year ago.

So why did it take Mueller this long to bust Kian? Because he has been building a much larger case against a much larger target, of course. And who might that larger target have been? You guessed it: Mike Pence.

How do we know this? Well, because as it turn out, Bijan Kian was a member of the Trump transition team.

In case you still aren’t following, it’s worth noting when Michael Flynn was in the midst of criminally conspiring with Turkey and Russia against the United States, Mike Pence hired Flynn for a key role in the Trump transition team. Not long after that, Pence hired his business partner, Kian. Then, Pence elected to keep both on the transition team despite receiving notification by Congress that Flynn was dirty on Turkey. Also, when Flynn was later busted for having conspired with Russia, Pence chose to lie to the American people about it.

In other words, to cover up Michael Flynn’s crimes against the Unite States, Mike Pence was willing to risk everything, including his political career. But why? Why would anyone in Pence’s position ever stake their reputation and possibly their freedom for someone as lowly as Flynn?

As bad as that sounds, it actually gets worse for Pence. If you recall, a while back Robert Mueller obtained copies of every email sent to or from every Trump transition team member. Therefore, Mueller likely already has him exactly where he wants him. And considering Michael Flynn’s sentencing along with the fact that it took more than a year for Mueller to make a move on the arrest of a small target like Bijan Kian, perhaps the writing is already on the wall for Pence.


    During Vice President Mike Pence’s run for Congress in Indiana he used campaign funds to pay his mortgage of nearly $1,000 per month, make payments on his wife’s car, pay golfing greens fees, and pay for parking tickets, according to the general counsel’s finding. In response to the controversy Pence is reported to have said, “I’m not embarrassed that I need to make a living.” Well, how about getting a job like everybody else? If a Black person did that you’d call ‘em a welfare cheat and send ‘em to prison for “playing the system.”
    Hallelujah, for dumb campaign contributors!!! Yet another evangelical crook.


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