Donald Trump brought his own royal entourage to Britain.

On his first state visit to the United Kingdom, Trump brought his wife and four adult children, but it wasn’t just family that tagged along for the ride.

Close friends such as Chris Ruddy, CEO of the conservative media organization Newsmax, made the trip as well and attended the state banquet Monday night.

Trump also brought many of his staff members, including White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders who was very quick to show off her trip on Instagram.

You’ll note that Sarah’s husband Bryan Sanders is along for the trip as well, because hey, the taxpayers are paying!!

The post didn’t go over very well, with people on Instagram and Twitter lashing out.


  1. It appears that this family thinks it’s privileged enough to spend our tax dollars on their whole family. It’s a horrible waste of tax money that could go for the good of all of Americans, not just the few. Very much like what our economy is now, only benefits the rich, the poor and middle class be damned. This kind of selfish entitlement has Karma attached to it so it gives me hope that we will all hear of punishment for these ridiculous Idiots who are worthless to America.

  2. I must admit I stared at a few of these photos. I couldn’t believe that smiling woman was the same woman whose face always seems twisted into a sneer of contempt — for the media and, therefore, the American people. Apparently all it takes to make her happy is a taxpayer-funded vacation with her husband and the Trump grifters.

    • FREELOADERS? What a charitable term. I was thinking more along the lines of PARASITE or LEECH.


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