On Saturday, an MSNBC panel discussed the latest investigation into illegal money flowing into Donald Trump’s 2016 inaugural committee.

According to MSNBC legal contributor Katie Phang, investigators are looking closely at Ivanka Trump’s involvement in procuring the money and that they may already know more than they have let over whether she committed criminal acts.

“Ivanka Trump could have liability in and of her own self,” Phang noted. “She’s apparently involved in negotiating what are higher than fair market rates. It was $107 million — the most that was ever raised for any inauguration, and really what’s at issue is the illegality of pay-to-play.”

“Did foreign nationals give money to curry the incoming Trump administration, and was there overcharging by the Trump inauguration committee, — excuse me — to the Trump inauguration committee by the Trump organization?” she added. “And so really there’s going to be a lot of discovery that’s going to go if there’s this investigation.”

“They’re going to look at their financials. They’re going to be able to see what’s going on,” Phang said. “Part of this investigation is based on evidence that was seized during the Michael Cohen raids on his office, his hotel room, and his home.”

Phang then went on to point out that Cohen is “The gift that keeps on giving,” and that this is “the evidence that Mueller has, the Southern District of New York has, and those of us are not aware of.”

Take a look at the video clip below:



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