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Popular vote loser Donald Trump changed his story sometime around, let’s say, the 2016 Presidential campaign, about whether or not he had ever met and talked to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Now why would a Presidential candidate change such a story? I think you know why, and it seems like Robert Mueller knows why, too.

Seth Abramson explains, via Twitter:

2/ Once the campaign started, Trump changed his story to saying that he spoke to top Russian officials but couldn’t say more. Why do you think Donald Trump would want to keep secret a conversation he had with Putin about U.S.-Russia policy in Moscow in November ’13? Any guesses?

3/ This is a man who always brags about who he’s met or spoken to. What is it about this one conversation with Putin in Moscow, after which a number of Kremlin agents seemed to think Trump was running for president for certain, that he doesn’t want American voters to know about?

4/ You don’t have to believe Trump’s longtime friend Tom. I don’t even think Tom cares if you believe it. What matters is whether Mueller does. And I suspect Mueller asked to speak to Tom because he understands that—if true—this account from a Trump confidant explains everything.

5/ Tom’s account is partly confirmed by Trump—who says he spoke to Putin, and dodges questions on whether they “met” in a way a speakerphone call would explain—and partly by Emin Agalarov telling Forbes Trump signed a Trump Tower Moscow letter-of-intent in Moscow in November ’13.

The QZ report points almost corroborates Tom Arnold’s story: In Feb. 2014, Donald Trump appeared on Fox News to defend Putin from mockery over Russia’s Sochi Olympics, which was a breathtakingly expensive spectacle marred by numerous infrastructural failures.

Trump said: “They spent all of this money, and I think we should not be knocking them at this point. You know, then we wonder why they don’t like us—and why they’re eating our lunch,” Trump explained. “And I will tell you something: If I’m Putin, I’m not happy about it. And I know for a fact he’s not happy about it. When I went to Russia for the Miss Universe Pageant, he contacted me. And was so nice… I mean, their leaders are, whether you call them smarter, or more cunning, or whatever. But they’re outsmarting us, if you look at Syria or other places. They’re outsmarting us. I really think we should not be knocking that country with all of the money and all of the guts they put into it.”

Trump can keep changing his story if he wants, but tapes and live interviews don’t lie.


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