After being slam dunked several times today by Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer during a nationally televised joint press conference, Donald Trump was so frustrated by his embarrassing performance that he threw a physical tantrum immediately afterward, according to the Los Angeles Times.

“Trump appeared upset after leaving the meeting, flicking a folder and sending its papers flying out,” The Times notes in the middle of a lengthy article about the press conference.

According to the report, Trump was so painfully aware of how badly he was humiliated in front of the cameras today, started throwing things and yelling at the wall in frustration.

Nancy Pelosi, who clearly dominated the press conference, quickly made private remarks that she knew would immediately be leaked, calling Trump a “skunk” and suggesting that his obsession with building a wall was a question of a his “manhood.” Talk about piling on.

Chuck Schumer then made fun of Donald Trump for throwing a “temper tantrum.”

Thanks to the Los Angeles Times report, now we know that Trump’s temper tantrum was far more extensive than what we merely saw on camera today. It suggests that not only was he frustrated at losing the on-camera battle today, he’s also exasperated at how things are going so wrong for him in general. Prosecutors are moving in, and he’s cornered.


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