Ah, what would we do without Trump supporters?

Oh, I know. We’d have Hillary Clinton as president and a normal running democracy. But I digress.

Trump supporters have been on Twitter spreading a meme that purports to show an enormous crowd at a recent Trump rally in Pennsylvania.

There’s just one problem though. The photo is actually from the Woodstock music festival in August of 1969. Which is obvious if you notice everyone is wearing tie-dye and bellbottoms and not racist red MAGA hats.

Per Snopes, the original picture was taken by photographer Barry Z. Levine on 15 August 1969 and captured an aerial view of the massive festival crowd in Bethel, New York.

The president did hold a rally in Montoursville, Penn., in May 2019, and according to local news reports, thousands of supporters attended. However, Woodstock was a historic cultural event that was notable not just for capturing the zeitgeist of the Baby Boomer generation and the artists who performed there, but also its size. An estimated 400,000 celebrants attended the festival at its height.

Crowd size is a topic of some obsession for Trump, who made a fuss about images comparing the size of his inauguration crowd with that of his predecessor, Barack Obama.

Twitter had a field day:


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