President Trump seems to run on a constant feed of sensation, outrage, pats on the back and compliments, and his egotism has even gone so far as to require a dossier prepared every day filled with positive statements about the president.

Trump and his top Spokeswoman, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, may both be in trouble though since the White House official charged with the impossible job of providing the president and his spokeswoman with positive news has just resigned.

That’s right, Trump had a White House official whose sole job in the administration was to give the president a folder every day filled with good news so that Trump may feel a little better about himself.

According to recent reports from Politico, the Trump White House had a staffer named Andy Hemming on the payroll earning almost six figures to “spot and distribute positive stories from the mainstream media.”

It must be a small report that Hemming prepares, because the task of finding ample positive press on Trump would be a tough one.

It’s not immediately clear why Hemming decided to resign, but it could have something to do with the hollow and soulless function Trump was forcing him to perform.

His resignation is currently classified as “mutually agreed upon,” but such has been the case with nearly every controversial and disgraceful Trump administration departure.

Did Hemming resign once the American people learned about his ego-stroking position, or was his simply tired of feeding the president of the United States propaganda every day for a living?

This is dictator level self-deception, and Hemming’s departure is sure to knock the president down a peg and get him just that much closer to the real world.


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