Monday morning Donald Trump signed the 9/11 health bill and laughingly claimed that he was one of the first responders after the twin towers fell in 2001.

That got me thinking about all the lies that Trump told about 9/11.

Like the one where he said he cleared rubble.

Or the one where he said he saw “Muslims” cheering when the towers went down.

It also reminded me of the classic Jordan Klepper interview where he interviewed Trump’s supporters about 9/11.

We also learn from this Trump intellectual that Hillary Clinton may have a body double. Oh, and Obama is still a Muslim terrorist, and no amount of actual evidence will convince them otherwise. And did you know, he wasn’t even in the Oval Office on 9/11?! Shocking stuff. But don’t worry, they’ll keep asking the tough questions…and then answering them themselves with ridiculous conclusions based on feelings and fear. Because they are the true Americans and they will make everything great again.

But perhaps the most shockingly awful allegation was the man who said Obama “played a large part in 9/11” because he took too many holidays and wasn’t in the Oval Office when the Twin Towers were attacked. It would’ve been pretty hard for him to be there since he wasn’t inaugurated until seven years later.



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