According to CBS News, Donald Trump’s four adult children joined him on this week’s state visit to the United Kingdom, despite just one having an official role in the administration.

A White House official wouldn’t confirm why Donald Trump Jr., Eric Trump and Tiffany Trump attended – but told CBS News the three Trumps personally paid to be on the trip.

Taxpayers still incur any Secret Service expenses for protecting the president’s adult children, but those costs can be incurred whether they are with the president or not.

Only Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner have roles in the administration. Trump’s sons are said to be in control of Trump’s business affairs while he serves as president, in a questionable effort to avoid conflicts of interest.

It’s not the first time the extended Trump family has seemed to grab sought after spots in a ceremonial events during Trump’s time in office.

The New York Times reported the weekend before Trump delivered his State of the Union address, some special guests invited to sit near the fist lady were bumped for the president’s children and spouses.

The adult Trump kids were seated in a box during the address, while the mother of a cancer survivor invited for her efforts to help others fight the disease, was moved, according to the New York Times. A sixth-grader bullied for his name, Joshua Trump, was also moved.

Trump’s predecessor President Obama sometimes brought his two daughters on state visits, CBS reported, nothing that the Obama children were minors while Obama was in office.

Trump’s youngest son, Barron, was reportedly not on the U.K. visit.

Donald Trump Jr. posted to Twitter on Tuesday, “Buckingham Palace… an incredible experience with Her Majesty The Queen. Truly unforgettable.”


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